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Stylish & Innovative DIY Retaining Wall Systems


1. Construction Savings

2. Cost Effective

3. Boundary Fences

4. Reduced site disturbance

5. Environmentally friendly

More Benefits

The “Facade Retaining System” has evolved over a number of years, as a result of the changing requirements of local and state authorities. Environmental issues such as deterioration, shrinkage, cracking, leaching of CCA treatment to the ground and overall appearance, has driven the need for an alternative.

The “Facade Retaining System” addresses all of these issues and offers substantially increased longevity when compared to traditional treated timber products currently available in the marketplace.

The “BRAACE™ Retaining Wall System” emerged as low cost, aesthetically pleasing masonry retaining wall system which can be constructed between 300mm to 3000mm in height.

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